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Tracy is a superb copy-editor. She has an amazing eye for detail, a terrific professional ethic, and great editorial instincts. She also delivers her work on time. Tracy provides excellent service with a high standard of accuracy and awesome flexibility. I would definitely recommend her work and I will use her great service again

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Jayne, Blogger

I asked Tracy to proofread some documents, and she was amazing, it saved me so much time. I will definitely use this great service again.

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Simon, Author

Tracy proofread and copy-edited a draft of my new book; she suggested some very useful changes. I would highly recommend her and will most certainly use her again.

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Tracy is my trusted go-to proofreader for the most urgent task. Her edits really improved my whole story to the next level. She attaches detailed explanations behind each modification. She never misses a deadline (she usually beats them), and is an absolute pleasure to work with. I really appreciate her work and she will be my top choice if I need editing services again.


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Amanda, Author

Tracy is very personable and friendly. Her communication is superb and she is willing to go the extra mile to make sure the manuscript is perfect. I will definitely be using her  services in the future.

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Milan, Writer

Tracy exceeded my expectations with this job. She did everything I asked for and more! I will most definitely use her services again and would highly recommend her.

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Bonnie, Article Writer

I am grateful for Tracy's editing on my work. She not only pointed out the errors but also made me think about why I had made the choices I did. Her editorial help has made me a better writer. I have learnt a lot by reading her comments and suggestions. She is professional, reliable, down-to-earth, knowledgeable and friendly. I will highly recommend her to every writer I know!

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