What I can do for you

I will proofread and/or copy-edit most documents including books, magazine articles, website content, blogs, brochures & leaflets, personal statements, training guides and publications.

All written material should be clear, accurate and well-presented.

Your website, novel, brochure, magazine or document needs to be the best it can be, as this represents you and your brand.

I will help you to polish your work and get the message across clearly to your chosen audience.


Your document will be proofread or copy-edited using Word track changes. Once completed your document will be returned to you to either accept or decline the changes I have proposed.

Maybe you're not sure which level of editing your documents needs, that's fine, just let me have a small sample, and I will provide you with a no-obligation quote to carry out the work.


If your document requires proofreading it will include:

  • Spelling

  • Grammar

  • Punctuation

  • Capitalised words

  • Pages, lists and tables are correctly numbered

  • Headings and subheadings, captions, numbered headings have the correct font style

  • Numbers in lists are consecutive​


If your document requires copy-editing it will include:

  • Fully proofread

  • Checking the following: times, dates, names, abbreviations, URL's

  • Writing style

  • Consistency

  • Flow

  • Clarity

  • Structure of sentences and paragraphs

  • Text-based inconsistencies (such as capitalisation and hyphenation)

  • Word choice

Unless you provide me with your style and grammar guide, I will use the Guardian Style Guide and The Blue Book of Grammar.

A proofreader/copy-editor is unable to guarantee editorial perfection, as this is not possible. A good copyeditor picks up 80% of errors, and a good proofreader picks up 80% of what's left.

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