What I can do for you

All written material should be clear, accurate and well presented.

Your website, novel, brochure, magazine or document needs to be the best it can be, as this represents you and your brand.

I will help you to polish your work and get the message across clearly to your chosen audience.


Your document will be proofread or copy-edited using Word track changes. Once completed your document will be returned to you to either accept or decline the changes I have proposed.

Maybe you're not sure which level of editing your documents needs, that's fine, just let me have a small sample, and I will provide you with a no-obligation quote to carry out the work.


If your document requires proofreading it will include:

  • Spelling

  • Grammar

  • Punctuation

  • Capitalised words

  • Pages, lists and tables are correctly numbered

  • Headings and subheadings, captions, numbered headings have the correct font style

  • Numbers in lists are consecutive​


If your document requires copy-editing it will include:

  • Fully proofread

  • Checking the following: times, dates, names, abbreviations, URL's

  • Writing style

  • Consistency

  • Flow

  • Clarity

  • Structure of sentences and paragraphs

  • Text-based inconsistencies (such as capitalisation and hyphenation)

  • Word choice

Unless you provide me with your style and grammar guide, I will use the Guardian Style Guide and The Blue Book of Grammar.

A proofreader/copy-editor is unable to guarantee editorial perfection, as this is not possible. A good copyeditor picks up 80% of errors, and a good proofreader picks up 80% of what's left.

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